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           CKM RUGS is very proud of its Turkish & Oriental Rugs and kilims repairs. Our skilled weavers can restore damaged Rugs and kilims to their original condition through the many techniques that we use. Some of which are re-weaving, re-fringing, and binding.

        Generations of  the experience through the years by repairing Rugs and kilims, CKM RUGS are confident in saying that we repair any kind of damage. Our repair services are among the top in the world, because the people who make your rugs are the same people who repair them. The excellence of our repairs will be beyond your satisfaction.

        The following is a list of the repairs that we offer. CKM RUGS offers you free estimates over the phone or in person on Turkish & Oriental Rugs and Kilims, New or Antique, made from wool, silk, or a combination of wool and silk: Our company does reweaving and repair to any holes on all Rugs and kilims including silk and wool.

         CKM RUGS have also been called on numerous occasions for appraisal and much more. With backing of many years experience in Rugs and kilims repair and Rugs and kilims restoration, we dare say that we repair any kind of damage. We will present excellent repair to your satisfaction.
  • Alterations
  • Antique Rugs and Tapestry Restoration
  • Appraisals
  • Appraisal services
  • Binding
  • Blocking
  • Color Bleeding
  • Consultation
  • Fringe Repair & Replacing
  • Hot melt tape joining
  • Invisible re-weaving
  • Lock stitching
  • Mothproofing
  • Pet Damage (Dog Chewing, Cat Scratching)
  • Reinforcing backing
  • Re-late Xing backings
  • Rips and Slits
  • Rug Reweaving
  • Sewing sleeves for wall hanging
  • Tinting
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Wool binding
  • Resurging
Reweaving lost ends, restoring lost corners, water rot, moth damage, fixing holes with matching wool and restoring the lost designs, binding, fringes, reweaving bald spots etc. are some of the works we do. If you have a damaged rug or kilim in need of repair please call or email CKM RUGS to give  some ideas about and nature of the damage. Email is best for sending pictures so we can see the damage and can give the best price and time needed for repair.

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