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 - Why do the carpets have such a distinctive and elegant look?
Turkish Carpets and Oriental carpets distinctive look is attributable to the use of exceptionally high quality materials and the extraordinary level of traditional handwork involved in all stages of production. For its Turkish Carpets rugs, CKM Carpets uses the finest Turkish wool, carried by yak over the Ararat mountain to our facilities in Turkey. For its Turkish rugs, the wool of Ararat Mountain sheep is used. In both cases, the wool is not bleached or scoured; thus preserving its character. The wool is carded, spun, dyed, and knotted exclusively by hand. The result: rich texture, subtle striae of color and innovative design, the hallmarks of CKM Carpets.

 - Does the wool clean and wear well?
There is a unique hardiness to the Turkish wool due to the extreme altitude and climate of strong, elastic, and resilient; all of which contribute to its longevity. Our Turkish production starts with the wool of Ararat Mountain sheep. This wool heralds back to some of the finest antique Oushak carpets available today.

 - Can I use Scotch guard on my carpet?
Scotch guarding the carpet is normally not required because CKM Oriental carpets are naturally stain resistant.

 - How should I clean my carpet?
Vacuum regularly and have your carpet professionally cleaned if visibly dirty. If spots are attended to immediately, almost any stain (red wine, soy sauce, etc.) will come out after blotting with seltzer or plain water. Never clean a stain by rubbing as doing so can possibly force the stain into the carpet permanently. And please check on our side Cleaning Button.

 - If a piece of yarn pulls out, will my Oriental carpet unravel?
No. Each knot is separate from the others. If the yarn pops up, just clip it off.

 - Why are there dark spots or irregular colors?
The wool is hand-scrubbed without harsh scouring or bleaching. Because the wool is not bleached to stark white uniformity, each fiber retains its own unique shading and character, thus dyes are absorbed unevenly. These slight variations in the wool make each carpet unique.

 - Why do CKM Carpets and Oriental rugs shed?
After the carpet has been woven, the tips of the pile are gently sheared to even out the surface of the carpet. Small bits of yarn and fibers may be released from the pile during use. This is a temporary phenomenon. With normal vacuuming and traffic these extraneous fibers and pieces of yarn will work their way out the carpet. The temporary shedding in no way compromises the integrity or durability of your handmade carpet.

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